The Course 

Session details

We have a new course starting on 1st March in  Bracknell on a Friday 10-12 am. Book here.

Please contact us if you would like to join or be considered for alternative dates and locations.

Flexible attendance.

First drop in session is free!


Your child will be assigned to a group where they will have the opportunity to practise specific areas you are worried about. Our team will also assess your child informally during the sessions to see if there are other areas related to starting school that they may be finding hard, by using research and assessments.

You and your child will then have opportunities to practice these skills until they, and you are confident with how to approach these areas.

We offer flexibility around attendance and will present repeated opportunities for your child to practice target skills until they are able to demonstrate they are confident in that skill.

Drop In Sessions

We offer a drop-in approach. We ask that a parent attends to help your child settle and to help you support your child's learning outside of the organised sessions.


During subsequent blocks, there may be the opportunity to leave your child in our care and give you a break whilst teaching the child to be comfortable with separating from their carer.