Our Themes

Each course will be two hours per week for 8 weeks.

We love teaching our key areas within a theme-based curriculum. Not only are these themed activities a fun way to explore new topics but there are also many educational benefits, including that thematic learning helps to support language development.

The themes across the year will be as follows:


 Autumn term   1: Autumn

 Autumn term   2: Nursery Rhymes

 Spring term      1: Pets

 Spring term      2: Food

 Summer term   1: Mini beasts

 Summer term   2: Summer.

School Readiness

The targeted skills throughout the eight weeks have been selected to reflect key school readiness requirements that Reception teachers have identified to being critical for children’s success in their first few years at school. Early Steps offers an opportunity to work on these skills in a small group, and with repetition and individualisation.

Unique Programme

We run a unique programme where parents are encouraged to attend with children to get real life support with situations as they are happening. We ask that parents attend to both help their child settle and to provide training to transfer the skills we are teaching to other situations.  We want to empower parents to feel they can support their child’s learning both at home and out and about.