Be School Ready

It can be a worrying time preparing your child for school, especially if your child struggles to share, follow simple instructions or find the words to explain what they mean.   

If you live in Berkshire, Hampshire or Surrey and are concerned about your child’s communication, behaviour or interaction – we can help.



We are experts in helping children learn important skills, so they are ready for school.


Our experienced and highly trained specialists have worked with many children like yours and have proven results.


Our groups are designed specifically for children with emerging social communication difficulties. We can help your child progress at whatever level they are at.


Through our fun skills-based training programme, your child will learn how to get better at:

Communication &




Instructions, Tolerance 

& Waiting


How We Can Help


What Parents Think

“We have been put on the right path. Early Steps is a life changing course. I highly recommend this to anyone – we are a new family now”

“I honestly haven’t looked back.  It helped our family so much. My son is now getting the right support he needs that I was too afraid to ask for - I would have struggled with out Early Step’s support. My twins still miss their Early Steps sessions – they often ask when they can go back – it was our safe place. “

“The Early Steps Course is invaluable – it really helped us as a family. Thank you

“He wouldn’t be in a mainstream school if we hadn’t attended the Early Steps programme.”

Family of 4 Year Old

Mum of Twin Boys

Parent of Boy now in School